1. kestrel says

    These are great shots. I love how you can count the scales on the head. I am pretty sure this guy is not in any of my books but if he were I could find him!

  2. rq says

    Is this the little brown lizard? In Latvia, there’s pretty much one kind of wild lizard left -- it is little and it is brown and it is adorable as all fuck and it is called the little brown lizard; this looks similar, though the little brown lizard is usually a swamp resident here.
    I love the long toes on the rear legs.

  3. says

    @rq it is Lacerta vivipara and it is probably the same species as the one in Latviam, because it gives birth to live babies, it is therefore capable to reproduce in harsher environments than oviparous lizards.
    I initialy mis-identified the species as Lacerta agilis. I have really gotten bad at this biology thing over the years :(.

  4. Ice Swimmer says

    I love the strong curvy shapes of the head. Also, the colour scheme of the lizard is quite subdued, but the shiny scales make for a bit extra flashiness.

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