The Tiny Tyrant: A Metaphor for Independence.

Doug Wead speaks to Fox News (screen grab).

“I see the election of Donald Trump is a wonderful metaphor for Independence Day,” Doug Wead told Fox News over the weekend. “The media said who we should vote for, Wall Street told us, old money told us, Hollywood told us. Everybody said, ‘Here’s who you should vote for.’ And those stubborn independent Americans said, ‘I believe we’ll take the other guy, thank you.’”

According to Wead’s biography, he attended Central Bible College in Illinois for two years before dropping out. He later received an honorary doctorate from Oral Roberts University.

Is anyone at all surprised that the Regime historian isn’t a historian? No, faux-historian, most all those stubborn, independent Americans did not take the other guy. You’d be talking about the morons who make up the electoral college, but I doubt you know much about that. And no, it doesn’t matter one iota what the Founding Thieves would have thought of the Tiny Tyrant. They are long dead, not relevant, and such speculation is mere projection. Offered with no more comment, because this is the stupid that will kill us all. Video at the link.

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  1. emergence says

    For fuck’s sake, Trump is further up the ass of old money interests and Wall Street executives than any other president in recent history. He’s stocked his cabinet with wealthy CEOs and is pandering to big business interests. The GOP has convinced its voters that it’s a party of the downtrodden fighting against elites. In reality, the GOP exists to serve wealthy elites while exploiting the people who put its members in power.

    It’s also not surprising at all that Trump’s presidential “historian” is a dropout from a shitty Bible college.

  2. says

    Is anyone at all surprised that the Regime historian isn’t a historian?

    I don’t understand why Trump, who is a troll’s troll, hasn’t formally established The Ministry Of Truth. FFS.

  3. lumipuna says

    Apparently, Trump did succeed in tapping on some anti-establishment sentiment, even if it should be called spite rather than independence, and even if it only brought him close enough to winning.

    After November’s election, commentary in Finland’s biggest newspaper began with a similar remark as Wead’s above, and thought it was a weird way of describing the situation.

  4. says

    Education and erudition used to be a sing of competence, something to aspire to achieve. Parents used to insist their children learn well in school in order to achieve something in their life. Education used to be a means towards getting the goal -whether societal prestige, or job security, or wealth or all.

    Trump and his ilk are a sign of opposite trend -- education is to be sneered or scoffed at and erudition is to be feared. Who can talk in full sentences and trying to reason is automatically suspicious of having an agenda that must be opposed at all costs. So we are left with these bozos who think being rich equal being competent. But a feeble mantle of academia is sometimes assumed, because they still see the superiority and legitimacy of real education and like to pretend they have it too.

    Just like creationists, really. I wonder how big overlap is between creationists and Trump supporters. The mindset is there.

  5. Tethys says

    I am not fooled, that is clearly one of the demons that was summoned by the orb ritual. You can still see the scar where he had the horns removed.

  6. Knabb says

    Who is this even supposed to fool? The bulk of the base should be able to remember being told to vote for Trump by Fox News, their pastors, etc., and just about everyone else is canny enough to see through it.

  7. Dunc says

    I see the election of Donald Trump is a wonderful metaphor for Independence Day

    You mean the movie, right?

  8. lumipuna says


    So we are left with these bozos who think being rich equal being competent.

    Maybe it’s more like thinking being experienced in politics equals being dishonest? In this scheme, competence would be irrelevant, because you just need opinions to do politics, and maybe business skills to understand economy. In fact, the very concept of political competence would be probably a con by career politicians to get “promoted” or re-elected. Therefore you should vote for someone who “isn’t a politician”.

    And the bozos probably still don’t care about Trump’s incompetence. If they ever get fed up with his dishonesty, they might conclude that businessmen are dishonest, not that people making lofty vacuous promises are dishonest. Then they’ll vote for some populist who brags about not being a politician OR a businessman.

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