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    What a beautiful little birdie! I was trying to figure out what it is, and I think it is a young redstart, maybe an offspring of the pair photographed previously.

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    Yep, baby redstart.

    AFAIK, European environmentalist/nature organisations don’t share the “housecat” panic, choosing to focus on things like habitat destruction, pesticides etc that hurt our bird populations.
    Kind of makes sense. These species have existed alongside here for centuries with cats and other predators playing an important role in the ecosystem.

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    No panic on my part. I don’t like it when people toss their cats outside because I don’t care for cats coming onto my property, shitting all over, digging things up, spraying all over my house, screeching and fighting, and killing off wildlife. You love your fucking cat, then keep it on your fucking property.

    And yes, I have fucking cats. I also built two spacious kennels for them, so they get outside, and stay on my property. You’ll seldom find that cat owning and thoughtfulness go together, unfortunately.

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    You’Re completely right on that. It has long struck me as an amazing double standard by which dog owners are supposed to clean up after their pets and make sure they don’t annoy the fuck out of other people by barking (and that they don’t kill wildlife) while cat owners are completely exempt from any of these responsibilities.
    I was only pointing out that while cats killing wildlife might not be nice it is also not a big threat to species conservation at least in places where this has been part of the ecosystem for ages.

  5. Raucous Indignation says

    And I am definitely not admitting in this space that I may have four cats …

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    Raucous Indignation, as I mentioned, I have cats. Five of them. I also have two large, completely enclosed (chain link) kennels, so they can enjoy outside, have a longer life span, and stay on my property. Just because it’s a fucking cat does not mean anyone should have license to be an irresponsible ass.

    Why in the hell should I have to deal with cat shit, piss, spray, fighting, screeching, wildlife deaths, digging, and so on, when it’s not my damn animal? If people want to let their cats outdoors, fine, but you do whatever the fuck you have to do to keep them on your property.

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