Mama Walnut, Baby Walnut.

From rq, who notes the Walnut is displaying an odd growth pattern: The foliage is a bit odd, the centre of the tree is all leafy but the peripheral branches are still in the process of pushing out greenery, all because of that weird spring we had (I blame the snow in May). We have the weird weather going here, too. Don’t have a Walnut, but I figure we’re lucky to get apples this year. Click for full size.

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  1. says

    I had thought this would be a good year for our young crabapple trees, but the freezing ice which hit left one with no fruit at all, and the other with just a few here and there. After a week of cold and cloudy, now it’s going to be hot and sunny. And still almost no rain. Poor plants don’t know what to do.

  2. kestrel says

    @Caine I feel your pain. Looks like no fruit at all for us. We are really sad because we usually make cider but looks like no cider for us this year. :-(

    The tree is lovely. Where my parents used to live they had a walnut tree in the front yard and it was amazing.

  3. says

    I love Walnut trees. The only way I could plant one here is if I paid too much money for one that was at least several years old. I tried to plant horse chestnuts one year, and I had a number of baby trees, until the squirrels figured it out. Fucking squirrels.

  4. says

    That tree might need some dead wood removed in August. Walnuts are very susceptible to late frost.

    For my garden it seems like I might have a lot of fruit this year -- if it happens to rain that is. the whole central Europe is parched and this seems like a second dry year in a row. No rain worth to speak of in two weeks, and none predicted for at least one more.

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