1. kestrel says

    I love the damsel flies -- they are so beautiful and so delicate. Also, KITTY! :-)

  2. says

    The cat is obviously still giving us the stinky eye for moving into its territory.

    Does one of the plant cracks have an idea what the white flowers are? It’s an aster, but it doesn’t fit any of the descriptions I can find. For one thing, it’s already in bloom.

  3. says

    @Giliell, I have never been an expert on anything, but if it is a plant native to central Europe, I migth be able to identify it with the help of my library. But for that I would have to see more details of it, as in how the leaves look and are distributed (all the way from roots to the top) and even how the seeds look like.

    If it is planted however, then I cannot help, my library is not that extensive.

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