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    I’ve never used a macro lens, never thought I needed one. I’m kinda feeling differently about that now…

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    Macro was my first love, when all I had was my little coolpix, and I can get some great macro out of my 18-135mm, but nothing like this. The thought of big glass is always a temptation, but anything beyond the 300mm, I’d have to tripod, and I’m just not accustomed to using them, so my reactions are super slow in that regard. I much prefer handheld. And yes, I’ve spent days lazing out by the Bee Balm, waiting for all the wonderful beings to show, and shooting the day away.

    I keep telling myself that one of these days, I’ll do the rounds of pawn shops, to see what they do and don’t have, lens-wise. I need to stop putting that off.

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    Oh, camera bags. We start talking those, we’ll be here all day. I have a good bag, but when it’s fully loaded, it’s heavy, and awkward, so the backpack style with the quick swing forward straps, those are fabulous! What I’d really like first is a good camera vest, so I could just load up a fucktonne of pocketses.

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