Guess What June 1st Is…WNAAD.

I had no idea, it’s thanks to Intransitive that I now know. Check out that post, do a bit of reading, and pass the knowledge along. This is particularly important here in uStates, not only for every individual who has had to deal with the nightmare of a narcissistic relation; but all of us here are now at the whim of a narcissist currently playing at president. We should all know more about this, and make sure that others are educated as well. It’s also important to let people know there is help, that they are not alone in trying to cope.

Read more at Intransitive.


  1. kestrel says

    ….and here I thought it meant “We Need Another Adult Day”. Done specifically for the US for this year’s election results.

    Joking aside, yeah! Cool! Become aware.

  2. says

    I think we’re in dire need of We Need Adults to Be Adults Day. I visited WNAAD and ordered some of their bracelets. Least I can do.

  3. Kengi says

    Lots of good reading material in the links. Fortunately, the impact of the narcissist in my family has been somewhat minimized. But it’s amazing how they just keep managing to cause damage. If it were a simple one-to-one relationship, it would be easier to deal with. But, of course, because it’s woven into a family web, it’s complicated.

    As for America’s problem with our dangerously enabled narcissist, it would seem most of the Republicans are acting as the flying monkeys, compounding the damage. As others have observed, it looks like this time the Democrats won’t be able to protect the Republican voters from themselves, and they are going to bring us all down with them.

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