Oh, this looks wonderful! Tilda Swinton plays the villain, something she’s quite good at, and this particular villain has much in common with a real villain – Ivanka Kushner.

Although she began preparing for her role in the upcoming film, Okja, long before last summer’s dystopian Republican convention, Tilda Swinton was not oblivious to a certain similarity between Ivanka Trump and her own character of Lucy Mirando, “a marvellously watchable villain, wincing and scowling with self-pity and fear,” in the words of a five-star review in The Guardian newspaper.

The film, from Snowpiercer’s Bong Joon Ho, follows a genetically modified hippo-like pig and its friendship with a young girl as she tries to protect it from corporate forces trying to slaughter it. “Lucy Mirando is the heir to a rotten great fortune built on the corrupt morally repugnant initiatives carried out by her father,” Swinton said of her character in an interview with The Wrap.

“When we shot in New Yokr last summer, I stood watching the Republican convention on the television in our lunch break dressed as Lucy, watching a different daughter of a different dubious dynasty addressing, from a high podium, a big crowd with glossy blond hair, expensive orthodontics and modeling her Barbie-perfect modest pink dress (concurrently on sale online),” she said.  “Chicken? Egg?”

Swinton viewed Lucy as “part spa manager, part Barbie dollybird, part cult priestess,” and the comparison to Ivanka in all respects is uncanny.

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