If I Disappear…

You can blame the Evil Empire, aka Verizon. Trying to get net access has been extremely trying lately; I have to kill and reboot the wireless unit from 4 to 12 times in order to even have my connection show up, and even when it does, I keep getting kicked off, making blogging a right pain in the arse. There’s a tower down or summat like, and as Verizon doesn’t seem to be overly aware of rural users, it might be a while until it gets back to the normal level of truly crappy, overpriced ‘service.’

Anyroad, if I’m late getting started (like today), or gone entirely for a day, I’m fine, I’m just probably trying to walk off the desire to smash the wireless unit into tiny splinters.

Aaaaaaaaand, in line with this being a remarkably shitty day, just pulled a fucking godsdamned tick off my head.


  1. kestrel says

    Oh…. yikes… I HATE TICKS… Almost as much as I hate Verizon but not quite. (When my father died, they tried to force my mother to keep paying for his service even though they knew he was dead, and when she refused, they threatened to take her to court and sue her to force her to keep paying for the service.)

    I have truly crappy internet too. And the thing is even if the tower is down or something, they won’t ever let me know when I call. They just pretend like everything’s fine. I have to find out from the repair guys.

  2. johnson catman says

    I have Verizon for my wireless carrier. I don’t even get voice service at my house. I get about two bars, but when I dial a number, boo-boop, no service. Texts go through ok. I went to one of the local Verizon stores and told them that if they did not do something, I was going to switch carriers. One of my friends has AT&T, and she can make and receive calls from my house fine. The Verizon rep gave me one of those signal booster thingies that runs off my internet at home. It is sort of like a mini-tower that will reach the area in and around my house. Of course that means that I am dependent on Time-Warner Cable (now Spectrum! aka Speculum) for service now.

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