Cinco de Mayonnaise.

Mike Pence will be in charge of the ‘taco bowl’ festivities for Cinco de Mayo at the white house. It will be held on the 4th of May because…who the fuck knows? The Twitterati have been merciless in their response to this bit of fluffy news. You can see some of them here, and of course, at the Politico tweet stream.


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    Taco (bowl) Thursday?

    We celebrate Gatos de Mayo at my home, May 5 2001 being the day we brought home two kittens from an adoption fair. Now, alas, just one. Anyway, the Cats of May is a much better holiday, if you ask me.

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    I grew up celebrating Cinco de Mayo in SoCal. I hate to see it so blatantly fucked over, especially given the regime’s attitude about Mexico and Mexican people.

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