1. lorn says

    Logical, coherent thoughts, complete sentences building a theme and it is all delivered in measured, well thought out, tone without resort to excuses, conspiracies, or BS.

    How the fuck did we end up with a brain-dead spoiled brat and complete failure? Sad, so sad.

    On the other hand The Donald has been wildly successful in one thing: Showing Obama and his wife to have had real class. After just a little less than 100 days of cheap Las Vegas glitz and gold spray paint vulgarity I miss the quiet, thoughtful, understated class of the Obamas.

  2. brucegee1962 says

    Not just sentences — complete paragraphs! With, like, semicolons and things!

    It’s almost as if he thought about topics before shooting off about them. It’s like a strange, different country now.

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