1. says

    Yay for bullfinch! I love those birds. And I envy the greenery. Here is everything still mostly grey and trees and shrubs have not woken up yet properly. And what has woken up is in danger of freezing :(

  2. blf says

    [S]o this post isn’t about me?

    Potato-flavoured cheese substitute never caught on. And I seem to recall it frequently spontaneously combusted.

  3. says


    And what has woken up is in danger of freezing :(

    That we have, too. Like the last years, Easter was much colder than Christmas. I’m taking my plants back in in the evenings to avoid them dying an unpleasant death. I hope the apple blossom will survive (it’s only mild frost), though I’m not sure that the tree is still able to bear edible fruit anyway (or again).

  4. Ice Swimmer says

    The first and the last are my faves. The bullfinch and the great tit look so finchy and great.

    Also the dandelion fluff is beautifully captured.

  5. Ice Swimmer says

    Re plants, got most of my herbs replanted except for the mint, which hasn’t grown enough. Night frost outdoors and bright weather suits my indoor growing just fine. On the other hand, greenery outdoors would be nice.

  6. voyager says

    Lovely photos all, but the shot of the birds is my favorite. And there are actual, real leaves, not just the tree fuzzies we have here.

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