The Best Baseball Player! The Best!

MSNBC host Joy Reid, Donald Trump -- (MSNBC screenshots).

MSNBC host Joy Reid, Donald Trump — (MSNBC screenshots).

Oh, that photo! I’m by no means a sportsball person, but that doesn’t look like a pitch, more like a convulsion. Joy Reid had a fun time reporting on the “best baseball player in New York State when I was young”, and his avoidance of tossing out the first pitch of the season. I expect any “scheduling conflict” has to do with the Tiny Tyrant spending yet another weekend golfing or off to Florida or whatever, at taxpayer expense.

The AM Joy host explained that there is a long tradition of presidents tossing out the first pitch while making the point that Trump had previously said at one time he was the best baseball player in the state of New York.

“Baseball season officially kicks off today, followed by a dozen match-ups on Monday. including the home opener for the Washington Nationals, the team that asked Donald Trump to throw out the ceremonial first pitch,” Reid began. “It’s tradition, after all. Every sitting president has thrown a first pitch at least one major league baseball game since President William Howard Taft threw out the first ball for the Washington Senators in 1910.”

“Trump declined on Tuesday to step up to the mound because of, quote, ‘scheduling issues,’ ” she continued. “But we can’t help to wonder if that’s the real reason why, especially because Trump actually played baseball.”

Noting a 2014 interview in which Trump boasted, “I was the best baseball player in New York when I was young,” Reid an eyebrow before comparing him to youthful contemporaries Mickey Mantle, Roger Maris and Yogi Berra of the New York Yankees.

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  1. blf says

    Hair furor quite possibly was the “best” baseball player for the position he played— The shielding to stop errant pitched & hit balls from zooming into the stands and knocking innocent bystanders. It was teh trum-prat who took multiple knocks on the head and elsewhere, which may explain why other bodily parts are allegedly tiny.

  2. says

    That first picture of Taft looks like he was printed on a cardboard card and then photographed into a composite. I suspect the Russians.

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