The Mental Cost of The Regime.

Tucker Viemeister.

Tucker Viemeister.

Before I get started, Snowflakes, melting, yeah, yeah, yeah. If you’re one of those people, stuff it, because you have your safe spaces, triggers, and melting points too. I certainly can’t say I’m happy with the shift into fascism, only fucking idiots are happy about that one, and I certainly answer to Tiny Tyrant Fatigue Syndrome, but outside of that, I’m doing okay. More or less. (Currently escaping into work, as I look down and see I’ve gotten paint all over my keyboard. Pretty!) Anyroad, the Regime is taking its toll on the mental and emotional health of too many Americans, so I guess it’s a really good thing the Fuck You Care Plan failed. If you do find yourself depressed, anxious, panicky, whatever, don’t be silly about it, reach out, and get help.

The White House occupants also remain steadfastly committed to wreaking havoc on our mental states. As Republicans pushed an insurance bill that would have done lasting damage to Americans’ mental and behavioral health well-being, clinicians reported the psychic wages of the Trump war against U.S. citizens. “Add up the additional medications prescribed, extra ER visits, delayed procedures, missed work, plus the fallout from other illnesses being relegated to the back burner, and you have the makings of a major medical toll from this election,” Danielle Ofri, a physician at Bellevue Hospital and professor of medicine at New York University, warned at Slate.

So how exactly is Trump harming our mental states in this moment and for the foreseeable future? Here are five ways, representing just a drop in the bucket, if that bucket were dropped in the middle of the Pacific ocean.

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  1. johnson catman says

    So THAT’S why I have put on 15 lbs. since late last year: The Trump 15! I knew it wasn’t (completely) my fault!

  2. vucodlak says

    My blood-pressure has been running consistently high since January. That’s not just due to the Tiny Tyrant and Republican congress, but the others responsible are also rabid Trump fans, and I’m certain their increased assholery is due to our current leadership.

    I’m certainly glad that the despicable money grab that was the Republicans healthcare plan failed, but I’m still terrified that the slightly-less-awful Republicans will cave in to some of the Slaver Caucus’ demands, and pass an even worse bill in the not-to-distant future.

    I’m definitely going to name the ulcer forming in my esophagus after Trump.

  3. blf says

    I’ve been extremely concerned at three things which, for assorted reasons, directly affect me: brexit, hair furror, and here in France, the possible forthcoming le penazis. The two most noticable things I blame on that nasty trokia are (1) A tendency to disengage when I get (over?-)annoyed; and (2) I’m disinclined to make long-term plans, which is a bit awkward as I am also currently unemployed, albeit due to French laws, was able to negotiate an nice settlement package meaning finance is currently not a concern. Possibly also writing overlong sentences with two many Tposy…

  4. Raucous Indignation says

    You have good allies Caine. More than you now. More than I knew. More than any of us knew. They’ve come bubbling up out of everywhere. The number of people joining our Indivisible group is amazing. You’re not carrying the load alone. We will have more victories like Friday’s. There will be defeats too, but I think we will be able to turn things towards justice.

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