1. blf says

    A young Lernaean Hydra, before it has grown most of its heads. That one looks young enough it is probably still in the sticky pee stage. As it it matures and learns to eat heroes, the famous lethal breath develops.

    Quite common, especially near Republicans, who provide (both figuratively and literally) easily-obtained snacks, albeit rarely any heroes. The Republican-diet is said to be why the blood becomes pure poison.

  2. blf says

    Me@1: As it it matures → As it it it matures (obviously, there are three heads on this specimen)

  3. says

    What’s up with the weird candy-corn-orange eye of that one? I hope it’s just a trick of the (flash) light, but if it’s not, I got nothin’…

  4. says


    Peaches really has the perfect name

    She had a proper name to start, but Peaches stuck, and she won’t answer to anything else. :D

  5. blf says

    she won’t answer to anything else

    Have you tried “supreme dalek”, “cyber controller”, or “arrrgggghhhh!”† ?

      † Loosely translated as “more boiling oil please”, which is actually a correct translation, but is mistakenly assumed to said — well, screamed — by the poor sod strapped to the rack. It is actually calmly said by chief torturer.

  6. says


    Have you tried “supreme dalek”, “cyber controller”, or “arrrgggghhhh!”† ?

    It’s Peaches. She’s quite firm about that. Also, she’s very fond of that particular fruit.

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