Yasuhati a voice-sensitive game by Japanese developers Freedom Crow, is really hard to play if you’re not trained in the art of controlling your pipes. Pitch, tone, and volume all seem to factor into its audio-based gameplay, but a layperson like me winds up in the pit more often than not. Whether this is due to a lack of training—or a lack of commitment—is up for debate. After all, the description suggests that you can win by, “shouting, screaming, and even groaning in different degrees.” Performance artists like Kim Boem, known for his 2012 performance Yellow Scream, or Marina Abramoviç, who replicated Edvard Munch’s The Scream with her own vocal chords, would excel.

For me, playing the game isn’t nearly as entertaining as watching the scattered demo videos which have popped up on the internet. A Japanese voice actress, whose control over her vocal chords is mesmerizing in and of itself, kills it playing the game in the video above. (Turn your speakers down.)

I love it when she groans and says “can’t you die faster.” You can read more, and watch more videos of people happily making all manner of noises at their phones, which is what phones are for, right? :D


  1. rq says

    Sounds like a good way to take off excess stress -- while accumulating additional stress due to not being able to win the game. :D Also somewhere alone.

  2. says

    If I played games on my phone, which I don’t, this one would be rather fun, I’d think. I’d love to see a crowd of people all playing this.

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