Couch Gag.


Bill Plympton’s instantly-recognizable mix of naïveté and rule-breaking will greet viewers of The Simpsons‘ 613th episode, “22 for 30.” The Oscar-nominated indie animator behind I Married a Strange Person! (1997), Mutant Aliens (2001), and Cheatin’ (2014) returns to Matt Groening’s juggernaut sitcom for the fifth time on March 12, delivering a meta love letter to animation that breaks the fourth, and kicks it while it’s down.

It’s great to see Plympton again, but a word of warning, don’t get carried along too much by charm of this particular couch scene, it has a rather unexpected ending. (If you’ve ever stabbed yourself with a pencil, might want to skip it all together.)

The Creators Project has the full story.


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    (If you’ve ever stabbed yourself with a pencil, might want to skip it all together.

    Mr works in one of the world’s biggest chemical complexes. You’d think their workplace accidents would heavily feature acid burns and stuff, yet one year, the most dangerous item were pencils. People who ran into pencils, people who tried to clean their fingernails with a pencil, stabbed themselves, broke off the tip and needed surgery…

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    Sharp pencils are a menace, and a really good weapon, if you need one. I’ve stabbed myself with a pencil a few times over the years, although never in the eye!

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