Looking forward to the fun. I could have lived without knowing Pratt thinks God personally designed his stardom, but I’ll cope.

Oh. This looks … boring. Are there really any jolts or surprises here?

Hadn’t even heard of this one. Looking forward to seeing it.

Netflix is pouring on the new, one of them being Bright, The movie has Will Smith playing a cop in a gritty version of Earth where orcs and elves and fairies exist. There are more Netflix trailers at the link!

New Trailers!


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    Why did they license Fleetwood Mac for the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer! WHhhHHHHYYYY!Y!Y!Y!Y!Y!!!!!!???????!?!?!? They have enough talented schlockmasters that they could have gotten something that would be relevant to the story, and cool, etc. What’s WRONG with these people!? It’s like they went “woohoo! now we have huge budget! let’s license whateverrrrr we wants!” geezus. It’s like a Chevrolet ad.

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