We Must Win Wars Again!

Reflections, Lee Teeter, 1988.

Reflections, Lee Teter, 1988.

War. We need more war. We must win those wars! Fuck people, fuck the environment, fuck the economy, fuck healthcare, all we want is cannon fodder – get your young asses over here so we can kill you for no reason! Jesus Fuck.

In a speech to American governors, President Donald Trump attacked the military, saying “We never win wars anymore. We never fight to win. We have to start winning wars again.’

The message was a preface to Trump’s budget announcement that he plans to increase military spending. The United States already spends more in defense than any other country in the industrial world by multitudes. Trump explained that when he was in high school they won wars with major tank battles. In the past he’s spoken out on the lack of battleships that the U.S. military has.

Trump received four draft deferments during the Vietnam War for bone spurs.

That useless, craven caitiff found a convenient, and monied way to get out of the draft. He’s all for other people dying though. I still remember the name of the Lieutenant on my POW MIA bracelet. No word of him was ever heard, or at least no information was ever released. All the government cared about was covering up the travesty of that so called war. I remember handing out those bracelets, a call to action, a mass remonstrance to our government for their shameful actions. Looks like it’s shameful action time again. Trump will start a war so he can feel like a big man. Any takers on whether or not this asshole will try to reinstate the draft?

Fuck. Fuck you, Trump, fuck every single goddamn person who brought us here.

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  1. says

    “We never win wars anymore. We never fight to win. We have to start winning wars again.’

    This makes me mind-explodingly mad, too. Because the US chooses to fight wars it cannot win. Basically, this useless squirtle of shit is saying that the military -- which is an over-funded bloated bunch of unprintables -- are choosing defeat. They lost in Afghanistan because Afghanistan’s tough terrain full of tough fighters and the US military’s battle doctrines suck at counter-insurgency. Ditto Iraq. Ditto Vietnam, etc. Asshole armchair fascist Trump doesn’t know thing 1 about warfare, other than that he desperately wanted to avoid it. ArRGGH!!! (rageflail!)

  2. says

    PS -- (I know you know) insurgency wars always fail because the population is largely against you. The only time insurgency wars work is if you’re willing to go full genocide -- which the US has shown itself willing to do only rarely. Full genocide only works when there’s a sufficiently disproportionate power balance.

    The “commander in chief” ought to understand this shit; it’s the basics of strategy. ArrgggHH!H!H!H!H!H

  3. Dunc says

    Yeah, the reason we can’t defeat ISIS and the Taliban is that we don’t have any battleships. Sure.

  4. says

    By the way, I’m not super thrilled about promoting McCain as a “war hero” opposite Trump. Sure, Trump was a chickenshit who used money to avoid the draft (and later, to avoid paying taxes) but McCain was a war criminal who participated in the bombing of Hanoi. They’re brothers from another motherfucker, in other words. Cliff ’em all.

  5. says

    Dunc@4, the Pentagon crowd may be happy now, but just wait until Trump signs some executive order ordering them to build new battleships. And multi turret tanks, because Trump saw a picture of them and thinks they’re cool.

  6. Saad says

    “Nobody knew that healthcare could be so complicated” + “We never fight to win. We have to start winning wars again” = fucking harrowing nightmare shit Jesus Christ

    I remember there were several liberal/progressive/allies who loved to oppose Clinton by telling us this orange fuck would be an isolationist. Their silence all over the internet is deafening.

  7. says

    The only time insurgency wars work is if you’re willing to go full genocide — which the US has shown itself willing to do only rarely.

    I’m very afraid that you are very right there, only that I don’t trust Trump on the “rarely”. What fucking war does he want to fight?

  8. naturalcynic says

    His ideas about history are far beyond just stupid. When he was in high school the US was just doing a little meddling and sending advisers to Vietnam. At the end of his high school Johnson was tarting massive escalation. Tanks weren’t very useful and battleships were only used for a little ground bombardment of targets near shore. Battleships were obsolescent by 1944. Tanks were useful for war on open European countryside an wide open deserts, not jungle. Maybe he thought they were being used because he learned about them when they were crucial 20 years earlier. But, then again,he has such a great memory.

  9. says

    What this comes down to is that he wants toys -- the war toys of his early day fantasies. He doesn’t have the spine for actual war, he wanted no part of that, hence the bought and paid for deferments. Now though, he can commission his fantasy toys, put a fucktonne of money towards it, none of it his, and condemn lots of people to die so he can play soldier.

    He’s not worth fucking spitting on.

  10. AlexanderZ says

    Saad #8
    I remember those folks. Some of them wrote their screeds anytime there was a political post on Pharyngula.
    Back in USSR those people were called “useful idiots”.

  11. bobmunck says

    ” Trump explained that when he was in high school they won wars with major tank battles.”

    Trump was in (military) high school from 1961 to 1964. Could someone ask him what major tank battles took place during that time?

  12. Steve Cuthbertson says

    #13 -- Yom Kippur, 1973? Time telescopes and becomes wibbly-wobbly as you get further away from a date. I have this problem and I’m twenty years younger than the orange buffoon.

  13. komarov says

    Just wait until Trump realises you can beat low odds by gambling more often even though you’re still losing all the while. Or perhaps he’s already figured that out, given his track-record with investments. Of course it would still boil down to more money for the military. More wars cost more. No doubt the fiscally conservative Republicans would be ever so upset and try to reign him in. Not.

  14. sonofrojblake says

    Who is he going to go to war against? Seriously? Not anyone he’s doing business with, and not anyone who’s going to affect his bottom line. Cross those off, and it’s a short list. It’s one of the few advantages of his massive conflicts of interest and equally massive selfishness and narcissism. I hope.

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