Peeling Paint.


© C. Ford.

The time of stench is now over, thankfully. So, I had a bit of time to play. Years ago, I wanted to experiment a bit. The experiment didn’t work out, but the paint was so beautiful. I found out then that I could peel it off the baking parchment paper I had used. I still have a number of those pieces. Watching paint dry might not be fun, but peeling it is. Have fun with acrylic paints (I suggest using baking parchment or the ever trusty freezer paper), let them surface dry, or as long as you want, then peel. Purty paint to play with results. This is also one way that paint doesn’t need to go to waste. Even very thin layers will peel, but the thicker your layer of paint, the easier the peel.


  1. blf says

    The usual methods for watching paint dry are to either speed up the process, or else to sit still for a very long time. The mildly deranged penguin prefers another method: Use pre-dried paint, and apply with something that makes a lot of noise, such as an arc-welder. Or a drop-hammer.

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