1. says

    You know Hillary Clinton chopped down all the cherry trees. And that’s bad. Because cherry trees make pie and bad hombres dont like pie. Look! Nordstrom!

  2. blf says

    George had a problem. What he had chopped down wasn’t a cherry tree, but a disguised beacon for some spaceships carrying compressed vats loaded with extraterrestrial slime. Had they crashed, the vats would have burst open, and all birds splattered with the slime would have re-“evolved” into large dinosaurs with lots of teeth and an appetite to match. However, the Silurians’s automated PEWPEW system (Precise Early Warning of Planet Endangering Wreckers) detected the incoming fleet and placed a phone call to a certain battered blue police box…

    George saw the Doctor and companions land, and eventually led them to a slave who helped them work out who was behind the plot. This involved lots of running, a few screams, but no neutron flows. The Doctor eventually tricks the monsters into teleporting off the planet, but the plan doesn’t quite work when a hidden self-destruct device blows up the control room. The slave has the bright idea of finding the antenna and destroying it, and in a race against time, using improvised detectors, they separate to search for the beacon. George finds it, and with seconds to spare before the fleet takes aim, chops down the antenna. The fleet whooshes past the Earth into the Sun and is destroyed. The Doctor and companions leave, dropping the previously enslaved person off in the city to begin a new life, leaved George with a problem: How to explain what he did…

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