Mary Tyler Moore Has Walked On.

Mary Tyler Moore.

Mary Tyler Moore.

Popular television actress Mary Tyler Moore has passed away at age 80, Bradd Jaffy of NBC News is reporting.

“Mary will be remembered as a fearless visionary who turned the world on with her smile,” Moore’s representative said in a statement.

The former dancer turned comedic actress was taken to a Connecticut hospital on Wednesday where she had been listed in grave condition.

Moore has long battled diabetes, and underwent brain surgery in 2011.

For many of us, Ms. Moore was a part of our lives over decades. She was tremendously talented in the really hard stuff, comedy, and equally talented when it came to drama. She fought for little things that were truly big – like one episode of the Mary Tyler Moore show having Mary looking for, and referring to her birth control pills. That might seem like a tiny insignificant thing, but it wasn’t. Back in the day, that was one hell of a daring move, making it a fact that the lovely, very single Mary was sexually active.

Ms. Moore was also a tireless activist for diabetes awareness and research. She gave a great deal to so very many people, and she was widely and dearly loved. She’ll be widely and dearly missed, too. Goodbye, Mary, and thank you.

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