The Daily Bird #214.

Greenfinches from Charly:

When the birds finally stood still, the wind moved the whole tree. The females seemed more cautious and and even less likely to pose for a picture than males. Overall are these little buggers restless and they come by only for a short time every day in a flock of ~10 individuals.

Beautiful little dinosaurs! Click for full size.








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  1. rq says

    They look more yellow than green, perhaps a shade of lime -- about the same as here. Lovely, lively shots!

  2. Ice Swimmer says

    The Finnish greenfinches can be either migratory or resident according to Wikipedia, but most ones that are rural or north of the southern coastal areas are migratory. Who knows if some these are Swedish, Finnish or Russian.

    I somehow like the woollen-sock grey one. The first and second are also fine studies on keeping upright.

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