A Visual Trumpmare.

Art is commentary, that’s particularly true of political cartooning. Here’s a small sample of how some artists have been feeling about the looming Trumpmare.

Trump cartoon by Norwegian Cartoonist Christian Bloom.

[evening] Happy TrumpMas.

#Trump amorimcartoons.com.br/world.html

My Cartoon Wednesday @ The Times on the new West Wing. #Trump #Tillerson #Putin.

Class and crass…#Hiroshima #NuclearProliferation

Via Raw Story.

And, from Ricardo Caté:


Trumpty Dumpty.


You can see many more cartoon commentaries at Fusion:

By David Rowe, Australia.

By David Rowe, Australia.


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    Charly, mine too, and the fifth one. The Trumpoids in the twitter comments on the first one were extremely upset with it; I got the distinct sense they would be okay with shooting the artist.

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