Xmas Packaging.

I think there might be a roll or two of very dusty wrapping paper, somewhere in the house. I’ll confess to a love of wrapping paper with creative design, but it’s quite a waste. So I got out the cheapshit markers. As You can see, I have a ways to go, so best back to it. :D



© C. Ford.


  1. Crimson Clupeidae says

    Nice….love it.

    Normally I rip through wrapping paper (although frankly, it’s been so many years since I opened an actual wrapped gift that I don’t remember the last time). Something like that would make me carefully open it to preserve the art…something other family members used to do with regular wrapping paper that always infuriated me.

  2. says

    Well, I didn’t get a chance to finish, Rick was busy being excitable about gifties. :D I grew up with great grandparents and grandparents who carefully saved wrapping paper, especially if it was expensive -- habits from their lived experience. Two of my great grandparents lived through the great depression, and another one in absolute poverty in Croatia, so I’ve never begrudged that sort of thing. I figure I’m lucky I’ve never had the sort of experience that inculcated such behaviour.

    Even so, I’ve been fairly extravagant with wrapping paper over the decades, and it’s surely gone to waste. I’m not feeling so good about that now.

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