The Swamp? It’s the New Agenda.

Swamp Thing, DC Comics.

Swamp Thing, DC Comics.

Trump yakked a lot about lobbyists, and “draining the swamp”, all of it bullshit, of course. Trump’s a toxic Swamp Thing, and he’s going to have help in building and managing the swamp.

On Wednesday, however, two key Trump campaign advisers announced they would form a “full service government relations and political consulting firm” in Washington, “just a block from the White House” at 1717 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW.

Corey Lewandowski, who served as Trump’s first campaign manager and was also paid by CNN to advocate for Trump on the air, will join with senior campaign adviser Barry Bennett to launch the firm. Their mission, Lewandowski revealed, would be supporting Trump’s agenda.

“After considering multiple opportunities within the administration,” Lewandowski wrote, he determined he can best help Trump “outside the formal structure of government.” He added that for Trump to succeed, it is “necessary to have strong, organized outside groups who can help ensure the President-elect’s agenda is achieved.”

But rather than launch a political advocacy non-profit, the two have opted to launch a “government relations firm.” The firm’s website makes clear that it plans to provide “client-tailored strategy and guidance carefully designed to help our clients navigate our government.” In other words, using their access to the new administration to make sure the President-elect’s agenda includes the priorities of their clients.

As Mother Jones noted, back in February Lewandowski denounced lobbyists as willing to say or do anything to preserve “backroom deals,” and vowed that if Trump won, “people who’ve made a very, very good living by controlling politicians through their donations and making sure they get the legislation done — or not done — in Washington, DC to best benefit their clients” would find their days of influence “coming to an end.”

Or not.

Looks like lobbying is just going to be re-branded. Swamping? Perhaps Trumping, as that would most likely serve the extreme narcissist the best. This is open corruption, and they don’t care even a little. Think Progress has the full story.


  1. Dunc says

    Swamp? That’s “alt-lake“, thank you very much…

    Also, please don’t call Trump a Swamp Thing. Swamp Thing was one of the good guys.

  2. johnson catman says

    Yeah. Those OTHER lobbyists will find their days of influence coming to an end. Because Pepe Lepewandowski will make sure that he is the only one to have the ear of The Orange One.

  3. samihawkins says

    But hey any minute now I’m sure we’ll see a mass movement of Trump voters denouncing this and other blatant breaks from his promises to clean up Washington and look out for the working man.

    Yup, any minute now. Because those voters care about lost jobs and government corruption and no way are they just a bunch of drooling bigots who’ll happily accept being screwed over so long as those minorities get screwed over even harder.

  4. samihawkins says

    ^Yes, stop pointing out that a symbol of hate is a symbol of hate. Let the bigots keep using it with impunity. Tie one hand behind your back and quietly submit.

  5. says


    Please do not do this.

    I’ll thank you not to chastise anyone over this. Most people are fully aware of what happened with the Pepe meme, but it has been used in the vilest of ways, and regardless of what the creator wants, it’s now a symbol of evil and hate. You will not be trying to censor what people say here. Thank you.

  6. says

    Johnson catman:

    Yeah. Those OTHER lobbyists will find their days of influence coming to an end.

    Just so. The openness of the corruption is shocking to me, I admit. It shouldn’t be. I’m really having a hard time coping with this shit.

  7. johnson catman says

    blf @4:
    My comment was not intended to evoke Pepe the frog, but Pepe LePew (Pepe Lepewandowski), the Looney Tunes skunk, because his actions stink to high heaven.

  8. johnson catman says

    No results found for Pepe Lepewandowski

    You know why? Because I made it up on the spot all in my little own mind. Pepe the frog NEVER even crossed my mind at the time. I apologize to you for not being on the cutting edge of pop culture and instead referred to something from my childhood. That happens as you get older. I would appreciate if you would not inject your animosity towards me for something I neither said or intended though. I did not write Pepe the Frogandowski, I wrote Pepe Lepewandowski. Pepe LePew is right there before your eyes. I did not get mad at you for not getting my pop culture reference.

  9. says


    Pepé Le Pew MAY have been meant, albeit since that is so obviously different this as hard to fathom as the horseshite about “censorship”.

    That. Is. Enough. I don’t know why you have such a driving need to be a mega-asshole now and then, but right now, it stops. Get the fuck out of this thread, and stay out.

  10. says

    Johnson catman:

    I apologize to you for not being on the cutting edge of pop culture and instead referred to something from my childhood.

    You’re the one owed an apology, but since one won’t ever be coming forth from blf, I apologize to you, I should have dealt with this shit immediately. I’m sorry.

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