A Highly Satisfying Sofa.


All images © de Sede.

This sofa would make the category of Best! for me. Peoples’ views, ideas, and feelings about furniture are near endless, and highly individual. I don’t like furniture much, it makes me restless. My idea of necessary furniture is a drawing table and chair. Then again, I’m also good with spreading out all over the floor, provided it isn’t crowded with furniture. I’m seldom happy with any configuration of furniture in a room, so the less there is, the better for me. Which brings me to this couch:

The innovative sofa DS-1025 by Swiss design company de Sede reminds us of mountainous ridges relocated to a living room. The furniture consists of two ingenious elements that can be arranged in different ways, resulting in a classic double-seater, a seating-pyramid or a small atrium. Designer Ubald Klug works as an interior decorator and designer in Paris and is known for his remarkable textile design. Klug says: “For me, innovation is all that counts.”

If you click over to iGNANT, you can see the nine different ways this sofa can be put together, and changed from one to the other at any time, for a different look and feel to your sofa. Or it can be split into four very comfy chairs. This is furniture after my own heart, one that caters to restless creativity, and is easily conformable to mood or activity. Awash with curiosity, I clicked over to de Sede, and looked at all their sofas. Oh! Go look, and be sure to mouse over all of the photos – many of their sofas are configurable and some have moving parts! They are all a delight, and there isn’t one I’d turn down.


  1. Crimson Clupeidae says

    I would get in trouble for wanting to use it as multi-level terrain in me wargaming.

    …but it would be worth it!! ;-)

  2. blf says

    It’s not obvious to me (looking only at the picture in the OP) that you can stretch out and go to sleep on it, or build a “pillow fort” out of the cushions — albeit there does seem to be plenty of places to loose things down…

  3. says

    Ice Swimmer:

    The sofa reminds me of terrace agriculture (such as rice fields in mountainous areas).

    Yes, which could be greatly enhanced by painting it in shades of sienna and green.

  4. rq says

    I know exactly what would happen to this sofa if we had it in our house. And it would not get sat on. And all their fun ideas about how to actually rearrange it? Useless. Like Lego instructions.
    But it would be sooooooo muuuuuuch fuuuuuuun!!!!

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