1. rq says

    You can tone them feathers down, but not the beak! Beacon!
    I love the mutual side-eye (and elevated crest) in the final picture. “Excuse me, this is my photoshoot!”

  2. Kengi says

    We have a group of cardinals that live in the treeline behind our garage where there’s a lot of undergrowth, including wild grape vines and wild raspberries. They seem to love the black oil sunflower seeds, but also grab up some of the sunflower kernels and peanuts as well. Unlike the blue jays, the cardinals stuck around when my feedings became irregular this fall. I saw them eating up the seeds in the area where we planted prairie plants in the back yard. Another advantage of replacing large sections of grass with prairie plants and flowers.

    Early in the fall, right after opening the garage door one morning, a cardinal zoomed into the garage and tried to zoom out of a closed window towards that treeline, knocking himself silly in the process. He woke up a little dazed and confused, so I put him in the undergrowth before leaving.

  3. rq says

    When I was in Canada in August, I heard cardinals again, there’s two breeding pairs (I think? maybe just the one?) living in the backyard of the family house there. It was gorgeous! Even spotted a couple twice, but apparently they’re shy in the suburban environment.

  4. Ice Swimmer says

    The second to last looks big on the attitude department. I’ve spent quite a lot of time looking at these pictures.

  5. Crimson Clupeidae says

    Love the bonus finch/warbler/sparrow? I’m guessing it’s a sparrow of some sort, but not knowing the geographic location makes it hard to identify…. great picture, though.

    The cardinals here in AZ are vividly red. We also have the pyrrhuloxia, which often gets confused with a female cardinal. The big giveaway is the yellow bill.

  6. Kengi says

    The goldfinches are just losing their summer colors here, and still have that lemony goodness around their faces. This is the latest I remember so much yellow on them in the season. We had a very warm fall. I suspect some more goldfinch pictures may show up soon here.

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