Pro-Trump graffiti found at Episcopal Church of Our Savior in Silver Spring, Maryland.

Pro-Trump graffiti found at Episcopal Church of Our Savior in Silver Spring, Maryland.

WJLA reported that the vandals struck Episcopal Church of Our Savior in Silver Spring on Saturday night. A sign reaching out to the Hispanic community was defaced to read: “Trump Nation whites only.”

The message was also scrawled on one of the church’s exterior walls.

Church Rector Robert Harvey told WJLA that the church membership consisted of about 80 percent immigrants, including people from more than 50 countries.

“They’re afraid,” Harvey explained, noting that church members were aware of the countless incidents of racism across the country following Trump’s election.

Harvey said that two white men were seen yelling racial slurs at Latina women across the street from the church last week.

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New School dorm doors – screen capture.

Students at New York City’s New School — which bills itself as “A Progressive University” — woke Sunday morning to find Nazi symbols scrawled on their doors, reports NY1.

According to the father of one Jewish student whose door was defaced, his daughter has three roommates including one who is also Jewish and another who is Hispanic.

Although security scrubbed the offensive symbols off of four door, students at the school are not taking it lightly.

“It just shows that this can happen anywhere,” said student Nina Houghton. “Hatred is rampant. Anyone can be a victim of it.”

“I think more than anything it felt very violating and personal because it happened in a space where we live, where we hang out, where we sleep,” another student, Ashley Luna added. “It’s the place where we’re supposed to feel the most safe in the city while we’re away from our families.”

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  1. Kengi says

    I hear this is all Obama’s fault. Racism didn’t exist in America before 2009. Kellyanne Conway says it’s up to Obama and Clinton to “calm their supporters and encourage a peaceful transition of power”. Trump is, apparently, a unifying force.

  2. says

    Yes. Funny that, all the people causing the upset, division, and running around terrorizing people have this need to yell “Trump!” Strange thing for Clinton supporters to do.

  3. Crimson Clupeidae says

    If you know people who are worried about low level shit like this happening around them, please point out some easy steps to at least catch the racist asshats in the act.

    There is a simple app out there (quite a few in fact) that essentially turn your cell phone into a motion activated security camera. The one I use (Motion Detector Pro) can be set to simply take photos, email you an alert, play a sound, or just silently record (and upload to a cloud account or email to a pre-set account). It’s not much, but it’s a relatively simple way of at least catching the criminal acts, and having evidence to give to the authorities.

    [I realize I call this low level stuff, and it isn’t to the people it’s happening to, so it’s not meant as a term to minimize the harm it causes, but to distinguish it from physical direct assault.] Apologies for lack of a better term.

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