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    That hair is hillarious. It made me smile.

    However that Trumpenstein gained on Hillary because the faux e-mail investigation, sends chills down my spine. If that man gets elected, we are fucked. This is the first time in years where I dread the outcome of US presidential election, a country halfa globe away.

  2. Saad says

    Charly, #1

    What this election has truly shown is that America is ripe for the taking. The horrific part is if Trump loses, it won’t be because of his fascistic platform.

    Can you imagine if instead of Trump, it was someone with the exact same ideas on immigration, POC, and Muslims but minus the sexual assault clips and tax/financial stuff?


  3. says

    What this election has truly shown is that America is ripe for the taking

    Yup. And worse yet, the reins of power have been consolidated to great degree. With the current inward-looking intelligence apparatus the US is sporting, it ought to be possible to retroactively dig dirt on anyone they wish to destroy. And the CIA and military have become practiced assassins; perfect for weeding out dissent whether at home or abroad. Never mind the “collateral damage.”

    It’s a good thing someone rich and amoral who’s not also a fuckwit -- say, Bloomberg or another Ross Perot, isn’t in the election this year. But like you say: Trump has shown that any idiot who’s glib can get far. That means there are going to be polished, skilled sociopaths thinking, “Oh hey I can do that.”

  4. intransitive says

    It may not be all bad news.

    Peak religion hit the US during Bush’s two unelected terms as Resident. The populace saw how hypocritical, repugnant, selfish, anti-social and arrogant were the rabidly religious. It was followed by a new wave of public secularism -- many people may still be religious, but many fewer are obeying organized religion and voting with their own consciences rather than obeying leaders.

    The same goes with peak fascism and the greed of the 1%ers. Trump and other republiclowns may be the high watermark of fascism and disaster capitalism, signalling a multidirectional split in US politics -- two on the left (Sanders socialists and traditional democrats), and two on the right (traditional conservatives splitting from the fascists).

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