1. Saad says

    They’re uncannily good at getting out of the way at just the right moment. They sit there picking at roadkill calmly as a car approaches and fly away at just the right moment. It’s Matrix level stuff.

  2. says

    They are such wonderful beings, very clever, and seldom ruffled. I wish I saw them more often, but I rarely see them at all. Rural crows are very wary of people, with good reason. Farmers don’t exactly love them.

  3. Ice Swimmer says

    There was somehing to eat in the middle of the lane. Almost nothing goes between a crow and their food or macerating stones.

    I love the way crows walk. The way they step is wonderfully grand looking.

    Saad @ 1

    Yes, when it’s time to go, they’re quick.

    Caine @ 2

    Even the urban ones like to keep their distance, or maybe they just don’t like to be photographed.

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