1. Lofty says

    Frost makes me think of camping, getting out of my ice covered tent to find a spot to have the first wee, then poke the remains of last night’s fire and see if anything can be made of the embers. Chez Lofty hardly ever gets a frost, the cool night air drops off the ridge and pools in the valley below. I often ride my bike down the hill in early winter and feel the frost down there.

  2. rq says

    Oh, they’re not dead. I need a weekend to chop them down a bit, then insulate the roots (this is mild night frost, the soil still thaws during the day, it’s been sunny), and they’ll grow again next year (well, most of them… there’s been ap attern of losing one per year, but that still leaves me with 46, plus we replaced 3 of them…).

  3. jimb says

    Excellent photos, rq

    Ice Swimmer @ 4:

    The first photo makes think of ice cream.

    I had a similar thought.

  4. Crimson Clupeidae says

    Here in Az, we’re still getting highs in the low 90s (warm even for here, what global warming?) and I don’t think we’ve quite dipped into even the high 50s yet for our lows.

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