Okay, Captain Sniffles.

Image via @Felicia_Darnell on Twitter.

Image via @Felicia_Darnell on Twitter.

Crispy fried Christ, Trump is such a hot mess, you never know where to look anymore. He seems to be utterly incapable of shutting his mouth for five seconds. That said, the Twitterati do love having fun with his constant stream of isht.

GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump threw a new wrinkle into his rambling campaign speech Saturday morning, suggesting rival Hillary Clinton may be using performance enhancing drugs to get through the rigors of electoral season.

Speaking in New Hampshire, the blustery Republican nominee took time out from trashing the seemingly endless parade of women who have accused him of sexual assault, to note that he believes Clinton is busy getting “pumped up” for the debate — a not-so-sly reference to doping.

Trump’s comments should come as no surprise, since the candidate has a habit of accusing his opponent of his own sins — including racism and financial shenanigans — and there has been an extraordinary amount of speculation about Trump’s manic debate performances coupled with his uncontrollable sniffling.

As you might expect, Twitter noticed.

There are more tweets at Raw Story.


  1. says

    Trump certainly has a prescription for the amphetamines he’s apparently taking “diet pills”

    … Which is odd because someone who’s so concerned about a woman’s caloric intake ought to be able to manage his own; I’m surprised he needs them, unless he’s hooked on the psychosis and the lift. /snark

  2. says


    Trump certainly has a prescription for the amphetamines he’s apparently taking “diet pills”

    Back in the day, stores couldn’t keep extra-strength dexatrim on the shelves. It wasn’t near the expense of coke, and similar enough to whites, at least at first. Those did indeed evoke the snifflies, and if you kept on taking them, the closer you got to mania. Could answer for a lot.

  3. blf says

    The mildly deranged penguin points out he’s clearly allergic to microphones not controlled by him or his cronies, since they have a habit of picking up stuff he disagrees with, like reality, what he actually said, and other people. Also, he can’t sue them.

  4. says

    Eh, I like speed myself, but back in the day, it never made me want to be an unhinged dictator. Whether or not those did or are using speed, you have to be a pretty fucked up individual to begin with to get where they did/are.

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