NYC: Indigenous Peoples Celebration.

NY Indigenous Peoples Celebration, October 10 -

NY Indigenous Peoples Celebration, October 10 –

On October 10th 2016, 9 Indigenous organizations in New York City will again unify to bring awareness of Indigenous Peoples Day, traditionally celebrated on Columbus Day. The groups involved are the American Indian Community House, Redhawk Native American Arts Council, United Federation of Taino People, Kechiwa Nation, Halawai, Naoiwi, East Coast Two Spirit Society and Safe Harbors Indigenous Collective.

“These organizations hope to help New York City follow in the footsteps of Multnomah County, Oregon, St. Paul, Minnesota; Olympia, Washington; Traverse City, Michigan, Albuquerque and Sandoval County, and New Mexico who have all replaced Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day,”  said organizer Cliff Matias.

“These cities and the Indigenous populations of United States are banding together to call on Americans to re-thinking who and what Columbus Day symbolizes to Indigenous people to the Americas.”

“For 2016 we once again will be rethinking Columbus Day with a focus on Indigenous people, their beautiful cultures and traditions. This free day will begin at Monday Morning with a 7am sunrise ceremony honoring the Native people around the world who have endured and survived.   Leaders, elders and medicine people from across North America, the Caribbean, Polynesian Islands and South America will sing, pray, and share their cultural traditions with guests overlooking the East River in Harlem New York. “

“The day will continue with a celebration of spoken word, music, traditional performing artists, guest speakers and contemporary performances. Where there will also be artists sharing and selling traditional works, crafts and jewelry.”

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