Test Notes.


A few notes. The Jacquard Dye-na-flow colours are wonderfully vivid, and light, the consistency of ink, which also means you need to rule them out unless you are after a massive bleed effect, or willing to spend money on a fabric masking product, which of course Jacquard makes, and spend all the time masking your designs, painting, then removing the mask. I don’t have time. In spite of the thinness, the Dye-na-flow dries fairly stiff. Mixing it with textile medium retards the bleed, but it also dilutes the colour coverage.

The Liquitex soft body paint is fabulous. You don’t actually need anything else, as it’s permanent on fabric, and when dry, not nearly as stiff as regular or heavy body acrylics, but the spread and flow are enhanced by a healthy amount of textile medium, and it does soften it up a bit when dry.

The Jacquard airbrush colour is vivid, thin, and beautiful, but also bleeds and it is serious stiff when dry. This mixes better with textile medium, but it’s not ideal. Both the Dye-na-flow and airbrush colours are great when adding to an acrylic paint and textile medium mix. This deepens the colour, and acts as a thinning agent.

Oh, and fingers are best for blending.

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