Back to Camp.


Heading back to camp, just for the day, we’re trucking wood in. I wish we could stay again, I know Rick feels the same. Every day, it feels so wrong to be away, and it’s been particularly difficult on Rick, given the sheer amount of bigots he works with, and the constant sussuration of damn Injuns

I’ll try to come away with more photos, but mostly, I just want to sink back in, even if only for a while. I have things scheduled to post, so do some reading and looking, have fun, and don’t burn the blog down.


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    Yeah, they do. Man at the gas station this morning was complaining about all the damn Injuns, and declared that they all left anyway, and went home, it’s just white people up there. The stupid is just…overwhelming. And they are sucking big time at the camp, too -- white people, that is. Causing trouble. More about that tomorrow, barely been home, gonna go collapse.

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