1. Ice Swimmer says

    Sensual pictures. Beautiful flowers, even if there weren’t the droplets. You get similar pearl-like droplets of sweat when you go to sauna and you aren’t wet and someone casts löyly.

  2. rq says

    casts löyly

    Is that like ‘casting spirit’ (uzmest garu)? When you toss the cold water onto the hot, hot rocks?

  3. Saad says

    Gorgeous photos. I like how it’s not just drops of water but actual puddles of water pooled around the center of the flowers.

  4. Ice Swimmer says

    rq @ 4

    Yes. And the original meaning of löyly is spirit.

    Giliell @ 5

    The pearls of sweat will start running and coalesce with time, also if your skin is wet, few droplets will form.

  5. rq says

    Ice Swimmer
    Yep, gars also means spirit (for what it’s worth, garaiņi can often mean ‘steam’, but usually means ‘vapour’ in general -- it’s kind of like saying ‘little spirit beings’, I like it).

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