Sunday Camp.

Some shots from yesterday, actually, when I couldn’t get a connection to post. A tipi was set up by the communal area for everyone to sign. I think another one is going to be needed! I found a small space for our name. Then there was squash drying, off behind the kitchens. We had a wonderful corn and potato soup yesterday, and now it’s time to search out coffee, I think I want about a gallon. :D







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    Has someone got an email check-in/contact sharing laptop set up? Everyone who cares enough to go to the camp is a self-selected sample of people who are good to have in a movement contact list, so they can be notified next time.

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    PS -- at least you can be pretty sure that Verizon isn’t making the camp’s data communications suck deliberately. Verizon makes them suck in a pretty egalitarian manner, nationwide. I’m guessing since you’ve mentioned bandwidth caps you’ve got one of the mifi/LTE. I have that at my house and it’s pretty good, with a cantenna, but 30gb/month? I blow through that in a couple days if I leave my computer on and Microsoft decides to shovel Windows 10 over my connection.

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