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If your answer is yes, you do have something to say, consider saying it on FTB. We are actively seeking applications now. Here’s what you do:

send an email to ftbapplications@googlegroups.com, in which you give us this information:


Contact email:

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As someone who is privileged to read the applications, personally, I’d like to hear a bit about your particular point of view, say as a person of colour, or queer nation member, a woman, military, educator, parent, artist, crafter, and so on. Whatever it is that drives your particular perspective on issues. That’s not a requirement at all, just a wish of mine, so you can ignore me with no consequence. Group blogs are happily considered and accepted, you just need to have one person who will consent to being the ‘head’ of the blog, meaning they get all the headaches, and the job of dividing up all the pennies. Give it a bit of thought, and if you have something to say, send it our way. I look forward to seeing all manner of bright, shiny people here.


  1. Crimson Clupeidae says

    I’ve been thinking about starting a blog. Unfortunately, all my really good, well researched, posts about what would be my pet topic (church/state separation cases) are hidden away in the old IIDB archives that are inaccessible to me. I haven’t done much writing in the past few years, except the occasional snark on FTB and a couple of forums.

    Amusingly enough, I originally met PZ back on IIDB before Pharyngula even existed! :D

  2. says

    I was on IIDB back in the day too, but I kept my head down, and stayed very, very quiet. Church/state separation blogging would be good, and boy, would it ever be on point these days, with all the current attempts at religiously based discrimination legislation.

    You could always go another way -- birding and environment! :D

  3. says

    @Crimson Clupeidae
    !If there is one glorious thing about freedom of speech mixed with cloud computing it’s that you can have your own blogge for next to nothingge -- on the order of $100/yr If you think you’re worth that much* then it ought to be required. ;) FTB offers some viewership and a vehicle but content -- always -- is king. By which I mean you don’t have to be emperor of the interwebs -- a “look what I had for lunch” blog -- well, that’s facebook.

    (*I’m not trying to damn you with faint praises!)

  4. says

    Sorry. that was really incoherent. Mostly b/c halfway through I stopped to email a chef I know to try to talk them into starting a “look what I had for lunch” tumblr and then there was drool and I forgot how to type…

    Seriously, though: do it! All you are risking is your ego. And for us that’s a “no lose” proposition!

  5. Siobhan says

    Since the well-researched articles usually involve investigating a human shitstain who says, often with a completely serious face, that someone like me ought to go in a concentration camp:

    Let me tell you, you can spread your research articles out. I do one serious article for every 2-3 easygoing goofy things, like signal boosting or catchy music or what I used to do in the dungeon back when I had friends. /sad

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