Extra Crispy Sunscreen.


Well, here’s my WTF for the day. Someone thought this was a really great idea, and maybe it is for some, but myself, I don’t see the appeal of smelling like fried chicken. I imagine the monster dogs would approve though. That alone is reason enough to keep such a thing a long, long way away. What scares me is the thought of someone like Trump trying to buy a truckload of this stuff to hand out to Black people in an attempt to court their vote.

USA Today reports that KFC has already given away all 3,000 bottles of its experimental KFC Extra Crispy Sunscreen that it offered as a promotional item started on Monday. Apparently it took a mere two hours for KFC to exhaust its entire supply of chicken-scented sunscreen tubes.

“We think it smells amazing,” KFC spokeswoman Kasey Mathes tells USA Today. “The sunscreen seemed like a natural fit.”

KFC first put up an ad for the Extra Crispy Sunscreen on Monday, and it featured what might be the greatest disclaimer in the history of advertising: “Extra Crispy Sunscreen is real sunscreen. Do not eat.”

Although you’ve missed your chance to get a free bottle of the sunscreen, one has already gone up for sale on eBay and is priced at over $60 as of this writing.

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  1. says

    Some marketing idiot needed to think of something to spend money on, or risk being discovered to have no purpose.

    I’ve seen how that works in marketing-land:
    Exec: “but, the internet is laughing at us!”
    Marketing: “Yes! that’s good news! it means they noticed us! now we can place product!”
    Exec: “I don’t want to be ‘noticed’ for being stupid.”
    Marketing: “that’s not true. that’s exactly how you got to be CEO.”
    Exec: (subsides)

  2. blf says

    The mildly deranged penguin and I observed this year’s crop of sundrying long pigs on the beach today (well, actually, mostly I did, she was more interested in the bakery (croissants !), and cheese shop, and then the lunch (a brilliant cheese-and-salmon pasta (no croissants (but the baguette was pretty good))). This season has been hot but not too hot, a touch of rain, plenty of sun, and the krakens have not been biting too much, albeit they appear to have ate the beach-side double-decker open-top bus.

    Whilst I’m not at all sure what flavours the long pigs are slathering on this season — we certainly didn’t smell KFC anything — there was a good collection of toplessau naturel. All of which suggests, once fully dried, a première vintage.

    (I was disappointed not see any of the “burkinis” which have been causing the more excitable loonies to froth at the mouth; fortunately, I also didn’t see any obvious mouth-frothers.)

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