We Won’t Be Able to Pee Anywhere, Oh No!

Sandy Rios.

Sandy Rios.

Whip out those hankies and you’ll be able to catch crocodile tears!

Christian activists’ boycott of Target hasn’t exactly been a rousing success so far, as the company this week announced that it’s spending $20 million to expand its available restroom options while at the same time remaining inclusive toward transgender people.

Right Wing Watch notices that Christian activist Sandy Rios is so scared that the boycott of Target will be a flop that she fears she’ll never be able to use a public restroom again.

“If we do not keep the pressure on Target, this will quickly — we know how major corporations are, they are scared to death of anything that isn’t politically correct — this will spread like wildfire, we will not be able to go to the bathroom anywhere,” she told Breitbart’s Alex Marlow. “What’s at stake is all the other companies around this country that will just cave, they just will.”

Oh my, it would be nice if you could figure out that this is the way the rest of us already feel. We’ve been living fear of a public lav because of people like you, Ms. Rios. If you really want to settle this, just self ban yourselves from public lavs. Unfortunately, since Breitbart’s nastiest, slimiest, sleaziest, most unethical asshole, Stephen Bannon, has hired onto the Trump campaign, Breitbart is busy whipping this all up again, into a massive frenzy of bigotry and hate.

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  1. Siobhan says

    I appear to be all out of fucks to give, and my order for more was delayed at the border crossing. *shrug*

  2. Lofty says

    Her fear is unnatural. Why doesn’t she freak herself out every time she wakes up? I’d be afraid to go outdoors with that much paranoia.

  3. Crimson Clupeidae says

    The right wing’s boycotts are rarely successful. Of course, they are countered by some of us going out of our way to shop at places like Target (when I must shop at a big box store) and avoiding places like Walmart.

  4. says


    Her fear is unnatural.

    She’s not afraid. She’s just out to oppress and control people. Fuck, I wish she was afraid, because if she were, she’d stay in house all day, and not bother with trying to control other people’s lives.

  5. drken says

    When I have use a public bathroom, the least of my worries is whether or not some trans-person is going to be in there. If I open the door and it’s clean enough that I don’t feel the need to retch, I’m not all that concerned with who else is in there.

    @Caine #5:

    Oh, she’s afraid alright. Hate comes from fear and she’s all full of hate. She’s mostly afraid that she and her ilk are losing control of the country. Back in her day, anybody other than a straight cis person was derided as some degenerate weirdo. Now, they’re getting the same rights as everybody else (albeit slowly) and there’s nothing she can do to stop it. What do you think “take our country back” refers to? She’s scared, she’s angry, and she’s lashing out at what used to be an easy target.

  6. says

    Oh, the fuck she’s afraid. Ms. Rios is not in the least bit afraid. Counting on fearmongering, and making others afraid doesn’t mean you’re afraid. Rather the opposite.

  7. Lofty says

    She can be full of bravado, full of shit, full of hate and full of fear all at the same time. I would not like to live in her dark whirlpool of a mind.

  8. chigau (違う) says

    I bet she has never shopped at a Target. Ever.
    She probably doesn’t let her Help do the Shopping at Target.

  9. lorn says

    With all the problems we have in this wide-wide-world of pain and suffering this little bitch is whining about having to share a bathroom with, perhaps, someone who isn’t exactly like her. It must be nice to live in such a nearly perfect and rarefied world that the single most pressing problem she has is worrying about what the genitals of the person in the next stall might look like.

  10. says


    I bet she has never shopped at a Target. Ever.
    She probably doesn’t let her Help do the Shopping at Target.

    I’d bet too.

  11. blf says

    Ms Rios is a professional spokesperson / media host, &tc — read: actress — and the linked-to RWW article’s text did not say she was “scared”; that seems to be an invention of the text quoted in the OP. It is possible she said she was “scared” in the audio clip (at the RWW link), I didn’t listen to it: Those sort of people lie all the time, so even if she did say it, I wouldn’t believe it without independent verifiable confirmation(albeit in this case, I have no idea what form “confirmation of being scared” would take).

    Having said that, as others have noted, being scared does not exclude being a bully, and visa-versa.

    And she has a (long!) entry in the Encyclopedia of American Loons:

    #1066: Sandy Rios
    Rios — who seem not to be particularly well informed about what marriage equality amounts to — put it eloquently and in her own recognizable style when she said that gay marriage brings about the “rape of our children’s innocence.”

    Well, not only their innocence — you see, gay men are “child predators by nature”, and the Penn State abuse scandal was part of the “whole fabric” of gay rights, though how it fits the agenda was left unexplained. In fact, grades are dropping in public schools because of their LGBT-inclusive education, which is just like teaching kids how to use crack, and which leads to “witchcraft” and gay molestation (and don’t get her started on common core: Rios fears that children “won’t survive” common core and that Christians will have to build a “parallel society”, which those who share the religious views of Rios, in many cases, already have) […] Nor will LGBT rights, contrary to Rios’s assertions, transform America into Soviet Russia — she did not elaborate on the mechanisms in that case either, but the idea is presumably that gay rights lead to “fascism” and “lack of freedom” and because defenders of gay rights are the enemies in a “war between those who love this country” and “those who want to destroy it.”
    [… lots of hilarious claims about President Obama …]
    Things were apparently much better under Bush. Rios has in fact asserted that, contrary to Obama, Bush gave us peace in the Middle East “for ten years”. Clearly Rios sees positive sides of Bush that the rest of us, for obvious reasons, don’t.
    Of course, as any true wingnut, Rios is not only opposed to gay marriage. She is equally outraged about birth control and counseling services to victims of abuse. When the Obama administration decided to require health insurers to cover birth control, she was predictably outraged, pertinently asking: “Are we going to do pedicures and manicures as well?” since pedicures and manicures and counseling to abuse victims are exactly the same.
    Still, if you want the essence of Rios, I think her defense of Austin Ruse, who [said] that liberal professors should be “taken out and shot.” Rios defended the comment by pointing out that Ruse’s were really just “words of life”. Yup. What a gloriously daft description, whatever it means. At least they were “words of life” because they warn people like liberal professors that they will be condemned by God and sent to Hell. How you get from what Ruse said and intended to convey to such a warning is beyond reason — independently of the fact that the warning itself is what it is.

    As the last paragraph notes, this kook-a-loon is so far “beyond reason” trying to make sense of what she says is like reading tea leaves in an espresso machine at night during a hurricane. It — making sense — ain’t gonna happen.

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