‘Black Lives Matter’: They Should Be Ashamed of Themselves.

kkk-1471380951-6956Oh, the KKK. Gad, they are a whiny bunch of assholes. Seems they are planning to, um, attend a Black Lives Matter Rally on Long Island this Sunday. I’m just going to include the choicer whiny bits here, and boy, are there a lot of them. Click over for the full article, including rally organizer Vanessa Vascez-Corleone’s priceless response, which includes an open invitation, as it seems the Klan’s idea of attending is to lurk in a ‘secret place’.

The Ku Klux Klan, the oldest American hate group in existence, has a message for those organizing Black Lives Matter rallies on the East End: “They should be ashamed of themselves.”

And now the KKK, with its long history of murder and violence, plans to bring members to a Black Lives Matter rally scheduled for Sunday in Westhampton Beach, according to a man identifying himself as a high-ranking KKK member. That rally is slated to begin at noon at the traffic circle near Village Hall.

Speaking Tuesday with Patch, Gary Monker, who said he is the Exalted Cyclops, or chief officer, in New York of the Loyal White Knights of the KKK, said many people have misconceptions about the organization.

“We’re the only organization right now standing up for whites, upholding the second amendment of the Constitution,” he said. “We are not a hate group. We are Christian and we’re trying to restore America back to what it used to be.”

This incredible litany of whine is rich with opportunities for mockery, so everyone, please, mock away, on every possible platform, and show these buffoons up for what they truly are: vile bigots crying crocodile tears over their inability to openly terrorize and murder at will. There’s plenty of material coming up.

Monker said the Black Lives Matter groups and the Black Panthers are “a contradiction. They always say they have peaceful protests but nothing is ever peaceful. They rape, pilfer, loot. They’re rioting and using this as an excuse to do wrong. It’s not right.”

I should not need to note this, but just in case, the above is absolutely not true, and that’s easily proved.

As for the KKK, Monker said his group is misunderstood, pulling out the same claim it did when it was murdering blacks during its horrendously violent first resurgence in the 1920s. “All we’re trying to do is help others and we get thrown under a bus, persecuted,” he said. “We build churches, schools in the communities.”

The KKK, Monker said, is undergoing another resurgence.

He claims the group has 2,500 members on Long Island and 4,000 in upstate New York.

“Obama has been our biggest recruiting tool. Black Lives Matter, the Black Panthers — black on white crime that’s being swept under the rug. They’re erasing our history and taking down our national monuments.”

The goal of the KKK, Monker said, is to “end the corruption,” something he said that can only be done by dismantling the federal reserve and the Internal Revenue Service.

The educational system, Monker said, “is failing us. They dumb down test scores with affirmative action,” something that leads to a lack of quality and performance in the workplace, he said. [Once again, absolutely not true. You need to be something of a dumbass to believe this is the case.]


The KKK, Monker said, is a secret society; members wear robes and hoods.

But the public has misconceptions, he added.

“We light crosses. We don’t burn them. It’s a part of our ceremony, our religion,” he said. “The community thinks we’re out to fight against them. We’ve been mislabeled. It’s the community that we are fighting for, for police. We believe in law and order,” he said.

Funny how lighting crosses doesn’t burn them. Neat trick, that. I often burn sage, cedar, and sweetgrass. I light them, and they magically burn. Kinda like wood crosses. Also, it seems odd to me that the religious practice of burning crosses would so often take place on someone else’s property. So, that would make trespassing and vandalism part of your religion? Interesting what with you being all about law, order, and cops.

The Black Lives Matter movement has scared many, including white children, who are targeted on Long Island, Monker said. “They’re scared. It’s bad to be white now on Long Island. They get white guilt shoved down their throats,” Monker said. “Automatically, if people see a white kid they think their parents are cops and say, ‘Let’s go beat the crap out of them.'”

Y’know, I had no idea. People just assume that a white kid’s parents are cops, so they beat them up? There’s just too much wrong there. Seriously stupid wrong.

The main message Monker hopes to spread is that the KKK is “not a hate group. We do this out of love for our race and our county. We do this for God. God is always number one.”

When asked how he would counter those who say the KKK is known for violence, Monker said, “We don’t believe in violence. But we do believe in self-defense.”

That has been a common refrain over the decades from Klan members, who use an expanded definition of self-defense to include preventing the exercise of basic civil rights by minorities.

He added, “A lot of people say we’re cowards. We’re not cowards. And we don’t hide behind the masks. We do the goodwill of humanity anonymously, for unselfish reasons.”

Well, if you aren’t hiding behind those masks, why wear them? I’m sure the robes and insignia would be identifiers enough, wouldn’t they? It’s not like people know who you are from just seeing you on the street, and there are all kinds of ways to do good works anonymously, and none of them require a hood. Or a mask. Given the particular history of those costumes you wear, you might want to consider a costume redesign there, as you’re the good guys and all. You do know the history of those costumes, right? If you don’t, there are these things called libraries, and there’s this thing called the internet…could help you out.

A growing membership is a testament to the support the organization has been receiving, Monker said. “The numbers are so good that eventually we’ll have another march in DC and New York City and we will not get chased out. We’ve been around 150 years and we’ll be around another 300 years.”

Fuck, I hope not. I hope you get laughed at all the way, grand exalted cyclops or whatever you are.

When asked where the KKK would gather, Monker said the location was secret.

Um, I thought you weren’t cowards. I thought you were going to attend the rally. I thought you were standing up for all those good, positive things. Hmmm, hoods and secret locations. You all sound like a bunch of privileged, whiny children, and that’s a serious insult to most children.

The full story is here.


  1. Ice Swimmer says

    KKK wants defend themselves from the existence of blacks.

    Exalted Cyclops? Why not Masterful Manticore? Superfluous Seraph?

  2. says

    Ice Swimmer:

    Why not Masterful Manticore? Superfluous Seraph?

    They have no imagination. Or, back in the day, someone got seriously wrong ideas from classical mythology. I guess Cyclops = oooh, big, bad, scary. They could have at least gone with Polyphemus.

    KKK wants defend themselves from the existence of blacks.

    They want to defend themselves against the existence of a lot more than just black people.

  3. Lofty says

    My weapon of choice would be a fake rose on my lapel that squirts tomato sauce at their ridiculous head gear.

  4. says

    Oh… I live on Long Island. I’m working during the BLM rally I know of that I wanted to go to (as a supporter of BLM, obviously)…

    The BLM rally will be in Westhampton Beach, near Village Hall. So the KKK’s “secret location” is, of course, going to be around there, because that’s where the BLM rally will be this Sunday.

    I’m rather disturbed to find out that I’m surrounded by members of the KKK, too. Gonna make me look twice at every white person who walks into the Teavana I work at from this point forward (at Walt Whitman Shoppes).

  5. Anton Mates says

    “standing up for whites, upholding the second amendment of the Constitution”

    Nice of him to point out that these two things are equivalent.

  6. blf says

    The goofy names, or at least the idea of goofy names, seems to be taken from fraternal orders / freemasonry — all the incarnations of the goofballs have been fraternal, albeit not necessarily hierarchical(they feud with each other too much).

    There is a very interesting paper published by the SPLC, Ku Klux Klan — A History of Racism and Violence (6th Edition, 2011) (PDF), which says:

    It was the boredom of small-townlife that led six young Confederate veterans to gather around a fireplace one December evening in 1865 and form a social club. The place was Pulaski, Tenn., near the Alabama border. When they reassembled a week later, the six young men were full of ideas for their new society. It would be secret, to heighten the amusement of the thing, and the titles for the various offices were to have names as preposterous-sounding as possible, partly for the fun of it and partly to avoid any military or political implications.

    Thus the head of the group was called the Grand Cyclops. His assistant was the Grand Magi. There was
    to be a Grand Turk to greet all candidates for admission, a Grand Scribe to act as secretary, Night Hawks for messengers and a Lictor to be the guard. The members, when the six young men found some to join, would be called Ghouls. […]

    This first group also apparently had an initiation “ceremony” similar to a fraternity with assorted absurd and embarrassing rituals.

  7. Johnny Vector says

    The goal of the KKK, Monker said, is to “end the corruption,” something he said that can only be done by dismantling the federal reserve and the Internal Revenue Service.

    Good luck with that!

    I’ll give him this: his financial system is a
    Work of genius. I couldn’t undo it if I tried.
    And I tried.

    They dumb down test scores with affirmative action

    Needs more word croutons.

  8. says

    Nathan @ 4:

    I’m rather disturbed to find out that I’m surrounded by members of the KKK, too. Gonna make me look twice at every white person who walks into the Teavana I work at from this point forward (at Walt Whitman Shoppes).

    No kidding! I’d be disturbed, too. It’s scary, being surrounded by these people, and you don’t know who they are. Hence those hoods, that they aren’t really using to hide. Nope.

  9. quotetheunquote says

    @5 Gilleal-

    You lack the proper American attitude. Repeat after me: “White people can’t be terrorists! Ergo, the KKK can’t be a terrorist organization.”

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