Velma and Rémy. Velma is only a week younger than Rémy, but she’s Violette’s babe, and Violette is a ‘small’ rat. (She’s not small now, Vi is a serious eater.) Velma seems to have mum’s appetite, so I expect she’ll catch up soon enough. Click for full size.





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  1. Patricia Phillips says

    Very sweet! We had a scare on Monday. Took our 2 rats to vet (Nutmeg needed a tooth trim -- even tho’ we have chewies, her teeth were too long) and Ginger panicked and ran away and hid. Came out almost 2 days later! So glad to have our wayward runaway back home. Nutmeg was a sad rat without her, she has been much happier since Ginger returned.

  2. says

    Patricia, glad Ginger surfaced! I know how impossible it can be to find them when they run away and hide. Glad Nutmeg is okay, too. One of our previous rats, Arlo, had to go in for regular tooth trimmings, his teeth were slightly misaligned, so he couldn’t wear them down.

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