1. rq says

    11 feet, eh? I can only be impressed.
    Love the close-ups, such wonderful patterns and colours!
    (Is your earwig looking for a special someone? My earwig would like to know.)

  2. Kengi says

    Just a few inches shy of 12 foot and still hasn’t opened its bloom, so it’s still growing.

    I’ll be sure to pass along the message. It’s still a month or so before mating time for them, so plenty of time to mail one to the other.

  3. Kengi says

    The closeups are of a eight foot sunflower. One of the short ones! Still had to use a step ladder to get up to it for a shot. I had it out when I measured that first one out of curiosity.

    I’ve never had sunflowers this tall. It must have been perfect sunflower weather all season. We’ve had lots of nights with rain followed by lots of clear-sky sunny days for most of this month. One of the others has a bloom that’s at least 18 inches across. The birds and squirrels are going to have a field day when they go to seed.

  4. rq says

    Yeah, 12 feet seems almost excessive. :D I’m okay with sunflowers up to 8 feet, after that, they’re a kind of vegetative dinosaur.

    I think earwigs are pretty resilient, though I don’t know what the postal service will thing of packaged insects…

  5. Kengi says

    The excessive height is what inspired that first shot. I just had to try to take a picture that gave a little bit of the feel of the height.

    I don’t know what the postal service will thing of packaged insects…

    Do they have to know?

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