McCrory and the failure mode of clever.

pat-mccroryx750Pat McCrory saw fit to make jokes about transgender people at the RNC, still referencing his beloved HB 2, even with the latest massive cost to the state with the withdrawal of the NBA.

McCrory took the stage and immediately started acting like a flight attendant.

“All right, let’s be safe now. We’ve got a big crowd, so if you need to leave suddenly, we’ve got exits this way, exits this way and exits this way,” McCrory said, motioning straight ahead, to his right and to his left. “And if any of you need to use the restrooms …”

McCrory paused as the crowd of several thousand laughed and cheered his reference to legislation passed earlier this year that requires individuals to use the restroom that matches the gender they were born with, not the one they identify with.


As Politico reported, the backlash [to HB 2] reached the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia on Monday, where an executive with the Raleigh-based company Citrix, Jesse Lipson, accused McCrory of not understanding how business worked by backing the law.

“Republicans may think they’re telling people which bathroom to go into,” Lipson said. “They’re actually telling people which market to stay out of.”

The Wells Fargo Center, where the event is being held, also had at least one all-gender restroom. Buzzfeed’s Dominic Holden posted a picture:

One estimate of the NBA withdrawal of the all star game is 100 million in lost revenue, and McCrory thinks he’s being clever joking about HB 2? Seriously, I don’t know how much more NC can possibly take of this – the sheer amount of lost revenue is staggering, and people cannot be happy about watching their state’s economy plunge down a hole. Right now, McCrory is a bit player in the political scene, but outside of Trump, I can’t think of anyone else who so very badly needs to be forcibly ousted from his position. The amount of damage he has done is in the phenomenal range, and on many levels.

Via Washington Post and Raw Story.


  1. Kengi says

    He’s definitely on the short list of bigots vying to be remembered as the George Wallace of the 21st century.

  2. johnson catman says

    McWhiney is still pushing the narrative that HB2 is all about the safety of women and children. He and the “pro-business” republican bigots in the legislature are clueless gits. My only hope is that there is overwhelming support for democrats in the November election, and that McWhiney and his cronies are thrown out. A bonus would be for Richard Burr to lose his Senate seat. I have not seen much on that race, and I think Burr may be laying low trying to avoid controversy, or he could be waiting to blow his campaign funds closer to the race in November.

  3. blf says

    The LA Times had a fairly scathing article, Can you make a non-racist Tarzan movie?:

    Although “John Carter” had the lens of science fiction to soften the aging source material and “Jungle Book” had the advantage of telling an India-set story about an Indian boy, “The Legend of Tarzan” is inescapably about race.

    More than 200 films have featured the Burroughs character […] but most adaptations were steeped in the paternalistic idea that it takes a white man to save Africa. […]

    [… I]n Disney’s 1999 animated “Tarzan” movie, the filmmakers dealt with their hero’s cringe-worthy history by focusing narrowly on Tarzan and the animals, somehow managing to make a movie set in Africa without showing a single black person.


    “There are so many other interesting tales to be told that Hollywood hasn’t told,” [said Matthew Hughey, a sociologist and author of the book “The White Savior Film”]. “Why recycle this one?”

  4. blf says

    Oops! Wrong window, sorry… me@5 was for poppyhead’s blog, you can guess the thread !

  5. blf says

    Here’s an interesting tidbit about McCrory I just ran across, and a presumably quite rare example of him doing something seemingly sensible and probably correct, That won’t fly: Venus flytrap thief snags prison sentence in North Carolina (my added emboldening):

    ● Man who stole nearly 1,000 plants to get at least six months
    ● State made law to protect the rare, carnivorous plant in 2014

    Venus flytraps only grow in wetlands and bogs of south-east North Carolina and north-east South Carolina — an area with about a 70-mile radius. The carnivorous plants, which trap and consume insects, are protected by state law. Poaching them was made a felony in North Carolina in December 2014.
    That year governor Pat McCrory signed a law that made up poaching the plants punishable by up to 25 months in prison, and no limits on fines.

    Because of their rarity, Venus Fly Traps are quite expensive, so I presume McCrory signed the law more to protect the “industry” than the plant.

    Too bad there isn’t a Stooopid Governor Trap plant…

  6. says


    Too bad there isn’t a Stooopid Governor Trap plant…

    Yeah, it’s a shame the plant in Little Shop of Horrors isn’t real, plenty of candidates for food.

  7. inquisitiveraven says

    Kengi@1: I rather had the impression that Wallace eventually learned better. I don’t think McRory’s that bright.

  8. Trickster Goddess says

    Dominic Holden should have his reporter’s credentials revoked for using “phased” when he actually meant “fazed”.

  9. chigau (違う) says

    Trickster Goddess #10
    I’d agree but nobody else seems to have noticed or cared.
    so I’m adding (phased/fazed) to the list of “already lost causes”.

  10. says

    Trickster Goddess @ 10:

    Dominic Holden should have his reporter’s credentials revoked for using “phased” when he actually meant “fazed”.

    Oh, how utterly silly of me to have completely missed the proper priority and focus! Why, who cares about civil rights, the fostering of open bigotry, hate, and fear, when oh gods, there is a spelling mistake! Alert the fucking presses, and all us queer folk be damned!

    I will give you this much -- thinking that anyone should lose their credentials and job for such a minor mistake, well, you clearly illustrate how the deep stupidity and hate keeps being fueled all over. I’m sure, if you bother to read back, you won’t be in the least impressed by my absolute lack of care over such an egregious mistake, preferring to focus on the little things, like people being harmed, so you can not only shove it, dear Goddess, go ahead and whip out your phaser and shoot me.

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