35 Degrees South: Inwards and Outwards.

From Lofty:

While winter storms have ravaged the state, Spaceship Lofty sends its antennae into the canopy and Venerable Fence Post guards it from the city. Within its protective field the White Camellia gets ready to unfurl its petals.

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  1. Ice Swimmer says

    The sister of tea is on the brink of spring while the summer is here at its hottest. Thick-looking leaves.

    The Venerable Fence post looks even more venerable in the landscape. The close-up didn’t fully show its true power.

    The antennae form their own Yagi-Uda canopy of electromagnetic goodness.

  2. Kengi says

    The shot of the antennae really makes me smile. It looks like it’s competing with the trees and shrubs to grow higher into the clear.

  3. Lofty says

    One of the big differences between my earlier shot of VFP and this one is that I have a different lens on. The reason I bought the “new” DSLR was so I could use my 80-200 macro zoom lens off the old Pentax film camera. This is great for low light and closeup photography but useless in full daylight because there is no mechanism for stopping down the aperture. Depth of field is very short because of this, excellent for blurring out the back ground. The “new” lens is a 55-300 digital compatible lens so it automatically pulls down the aperture. It doesn’t have a macro function though so I’ll keep the old manual lens nearby.

    Anyway, composing pictures in different ways is proving to be enjoyable and I expect to do more of it. Antennae may appear in other shots. ;-)

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