One for the Dinosaur Watchers.


I saw this at Pharyngula’s Botanical Wednesday, and what a cool guide! Not just for us dinosaur watchers, but all of us golf course lawn haters, too. Just input your zip code, and Audubon pops up with a list of native plants. Going through mine, I was doing much nodding, most everything on the list is a commonplace sight, and a healthy amount of the listed flora is on property, including a lot of things that have gone unidentified for years. I haven’t gone through everything though, that will be something of a chore, as my zip yielded 15 pages of native plants.

Audubon Native Plants Database.


  1. Kengi says

    Cool. Just bookmarked it. I got 43 pages (426 plants). I’ll narrow the search down by flying dinos I don’t see much (or at all) right now and start making a list of plants.

  2. Kengi says

    Yeah. 60002. It’s going to be difficult to go through the list, but easy to find new plants to add to the yard.

  3. rq says

    As probably North American-oriented, that seems like an excellent resource. :) Although bits of it are probably useful for much of the European continent, too. (But no matter how much fragrant sumac I plant, I’m not likely to attract any cardinals. Sadly.)

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