Botanical Wednesday: What are the native plants in your area?


You can find out with the Audubon Native Plants Database. Just type in your zip code, and it’ll tell you what kind of plants were originally in your area, and what birds are attracted to them.


  1. Bruce H says

    Weird. The form submission didn’t work, but when I checked the link, there it was. Hmm… technology making look bad.

  2. serena says

    at first I was excited about this link because I’ve recently become interested in native plants and birds, but was somewhat confused by it claiming that Black Cherry trees were native to my zip code, as I have never seen one in my 35ish years living here. Also was amused by their calling a prickly pear cactus “Cactus-Apple” – nobody calls it that, where the heck did they get that from?

  3. serena says

    They also called cactus paddles “leaves” and now I’m just feeling too smug; I’m a high school dropout and they are presumably more expert than I, yet they don’t know opuntia paddles are stems, not leaves? I’ma ride this smug indignation for the rest of the night, methinks, lol.

  4. wzrd1 says

    Thanks a million! This is precisely what I need, being new to the area and all.