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    They look so relaxed.

    They were. Two of the most laid back, sweet, and intelligent boys. Alfie (the gray and white hoodie, 2nd photo), was one of those devastatingly smart rats. They are all smart, but Alfie…

    Early on, Chas had gotten out of the studio, and our place is big, and I couldn’t find him anywhere. In desperation, I let Alfie out and told him to find Chas (they were very close). Alfie took off, walking ahead, then running back every so often to touch base with me, and make sure I was keeping up. He went over every bloody inch of the house, chased the cats off (and scared the shit out of them), and found Chas, who was overjoyed to see Alfie. They stopped and said “hi” to me, then raced off happily, Alfie leading the way to the studio.

    After that, they had whole house privileges a couple of times a week. Chas didn’t take advantage, he was a homebody, but Alfie was always up for an explore and cat intimidation. I’d tell him there were chicken bones in the kitchen, and he’d take off like a shot, returning later with said bones.

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    Awwww, your rattie story(-ies) are way too cute! You should write books! Sure, they might be more ‘children’s’ literature, but I’d enjoy reading them, too!

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