1. rq says

    Very sleek, nice capture of the two poses. It looks more juvenile in the first one, where it’s all scrunched up as if waiting for food to be handed down. Looks far more adolescent in the second photo. :)

  2. Kengi says

    Many of the range maps say we aren’t supposed to have fish crows this far north and west (Illinois-Wisconsin border), but the lakes, rivers and wetlands are the perfect environment for them. There don’t seem to be many around, but every so often I see what looks like a small crow (about the size of a grackle) with short legs. And instead of the bold “caw, caw” they sound like a nasal “uh, uh”.

    Yes, I think this was a young one by its behavior as well. It wasn’t feeding as much as looking up every time there were crow-like calls above.

  3. blf says

    In the first picture, you can clearly see the rat inside banging on the puppet’s “walls” screaming let me squeaking out!, and in the second, tried from its fruitless pleas, sleeping.

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